Digital Transformation and Türkiye

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Digital Transformation and Türkiye

Nielsen's research on fast-consumable goods shopping and retail provides information about consumers' online shopping habits and e-commerce, while also giving clues about digital transformation in Turkey.

According to the results of the research;

Internet usage of global population: 53%

Internet usage in Turkey: 67%

Mobile phone users in the world: 68%

Mobile phone users in Turkey: 90%

Active social media use in the world: 42%

Active social media use in Turkey: 63%

Active social media use on mobile phones in the world: 39%

Active social media use on mobile phones in Turkey: 54%

Number of Facebook users Türkiye ranking: 9

Number of Instagram users Türkiye ranking: 5

The average time spent on social media in Turkey is 50% more compared to China and the USA.

Based on this information, it can be seen that the level of knowledge of our human resources is better than our general score. We need to support and develop these human resources with the right training and development programs.

Digital transformation is a concept that emerged with the rapid development of technology and the penetration of digitalization into almost every aspect of our lives. In this process, it is aimed to restructure traditional business models with digital technologies and digitalize business processes.

In Turkey, digital transformation has become increasingly important in recent years. Although Turkey's digitalization potential is quite high, the speed of digital transformation in our country remains slow compared to other countries. This situation is due to the fact that Turkey's digital infrastructure is not yet fully developed.

However, in recent years, efforts towards digital transformation have been accelerated in Turkey. Especially in 2020, the digitalization process accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many businesses focused on digitalization efforts. In this process, the use of digital services such as online education, remote working, and digital payment systems has increased.

Turkey's priority goals in the digital transformation process include developing digital infrastructure, disseminating e-government services, promoting digital commerce, increasing digital skills and ensuring cyber security.

As a result, the digital transformation process in Turkey is still in the development phase, but important steps are being taken. Developing our country's digital infrastructure and popularizing digitalization will increase Turkey's competitiveness and make significant contributions to our country in the transition to the digital economy.

Digital Transformation and Türkiye

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