How to Advertise on Instagram?

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How to Advertise on Instagram?

To advertise, go to Ads Manager and select Instagram as the domain you want to advertise on. You can use your Facebook Page or a linked Instagram account to run your ads on Instagram. You can use the page settings to connect your Instagram account to Business Manager. Prepare photos and videos that you want to appear as ads. These can be more eye-catching if they are unique to you or your brand. Take care to choose the Facebook intent that suits your goal.

To create Instagram ads in Ads Manager:

  • Go to the Ads Manager screen.
  • Click Create.
  • Choose a cause that Instagram supports so that you can advertise.
  • Carefully add all the details to be able to advertise.
  • There are two different options for the ad fields. If you choose the manual field, you have to enter all the criteria yourself. However, if you choose the automatic field, your ad will be published on whichever option is best for displaying your ads, including Facebook.
  • Finally, after completing the necessary details, you will be able to view a preview of your ad. And when you're done, your approved ad will be published after it has been approved by the Business Manager.

What Should We Consider When Advertising on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most important platforms whose advertisements provide brands and personal accounts, including business accounts, with a great convenience to promote themselves. 

Instagram users between the ages of 18-34 cover a large part of this formation. It will be in your best interest to consider this factor when creating your target audience during the advertising phase. If you want your ad to appear in front of the people you want in the target section, you should take care to make your choices correctly. You should also carefully decide on your advertising budget and duration. You should be making changes in both sections according to the course of your ad. You should decide how Instagram will use your advertising budget.

If you want your ads to succeed at the rates you want, you should pay a lot of attention to your profile.

One of the first things that users pay attention to after the advertisement you have given will be your profile and your posts. As a result of welcoming users well with your profile, you can have potential customers.

Why Should We Advertise on Instagram?

Advertising on Instagram, one of the platforms with the most users among the existing social media channels, offers you the chance to reach a wide audience. It will be a great benefit for you to create the right ads that can benefit you on this platform.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

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