How to Manage Social Media Accounts?

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How to Manage Social Media Accounts?

A social media account manager has knowledge of almost every profession depending on the scope of the page they manage. All this diversity pushes a social media specialist to specialize in marketing. There are some points to be considered when managing social media accounts.

Preliminary Research

In your preliminary research, you work to obtain information about the target audience and similar issues related to the area where the social media account you will manage is located. As a result of this study, you make a great contribution to your planning phase. 

Interaction Report

Analyze which topic and which design was liked and interacted with the most among the previously shared posts. Then you can start doing research on your other posts based on this post. Trying to identify the post that received engagement through trial and error on social media is a method that can be used a lot.

Competitor Research

Carefully examine the social media presence of your competitors in the sector. This review will prevent you from starting from scratch and will step you on the path you want to take. While doing this review, you should also pay attention to mistakes. In this way, you will be 1-0 ahead of your competitors in avoiding mistakes made.

Social Media Assistant Applications

If you want to reach more accurate results in the posts made while managing your social media accounts or in the advertisements you will give, you can benefit from side applications such as Google analytics. Using these applications can help you reach your target audience in a shorter way.

Proper Planning

Planning is always better. This way, you can organize the time you spend on social media and save a lot of time in your life.

Content Calendars

Creating a content calendar allows you to plan the content you want to share on social media. This way, you don't have to constantly think of new ideas. 

Target Audience

Whether you are going to sell goods or services or offer any digital visuals or content, you need to know your target audience well. You should determine which platform they use more so that you can give more importance to sharing on that platform.

Advertisement Study

Paid advertisements are frequently featured on today's social media platforms. These ads do not appear in front of users in an irrelevant way. Social media platforms 

algorithms, you can select the target audience you want to advertise to and place your ads only in front of that audience. 


Be careful to be original in content production. The more unique you are, the more attention and respect you will gain. Preparing quality content will increase your interaction. 

Be sure to use video content as well as the photos you use and make sure you follow the trends in all this content.

Importance of Interaction

It is impossible to communicate only by sharing on your social media accounts. Interacting with your followers contributes greatly to gaining their trust. It also increases your visibility.

Hashtag Usage

By knowing the sector you serve well, you can determine a good hashtag strategy by mastering all the issues related to that sector. At the same time, there are also sites that make this application for you. The use of hashtags allows you to stand out in the algorithm and reach more users. For this reason, using the right hashtags is very important for your account.

Story Posts

Stories are as important as posts are for social media. In fact, most users can use the story feature even if they do not post. Since the story is visible within a certain period of time, it is natural that people use it more. Pay attention to story posts too. You can even share more frequently than posts.

Dialog Management.

All social media platforms have paved the way for one-to-one dialog with your target audience. Thanks to the returns received, it has become very easy to establish loyalty by establishing a dialog.

Choosing the Right Sharing Hours.

Finally, the times of the posts you will make on your social media accounts are also very important. It will be much better for you to choose the hours of high interaction. For this, you may be able to find the right time through trial and error. In addition, you can also find the time with the most interaction from previous research. However, the most logical way would be to set different hours in line with the analysis you have obtained from your own posts.

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How to Manage Social Media Accounts?

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