What is Corporate Identity and Why is it Important?

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What is Corporate Identity and Why is it Important?

Corporate identity design is a necessary element for people who want to keep their existing business in the public eye in a professional manner. It is very important to use the same color palette and similar fonts in all visual designs made and to be made within the framework of the company. At the same time, finalizing this structure will increase the reliability of the brand. These elements will show how professional the business is not only in print media but also in digital media.

What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is a set of visuals that prove the visual existence of an existing institution, organization, brand or company and ensure that it has designs that will crown its name in all environments. In other words, they are the visuals that inform and promote the institutions we have mentioned. While creating corporate identity, the institution or person is carefully listened to, their wishes are analyzed and corporate identity elements are started to be created by determining how the institution or persons want to show themselves to the outside. 

Corporate identity is parallel to how you appear to the external environment. We can say that it is one of the only things that recognize you. As a brand, in the process after your corporate identity is formed, you both introduce yourself to the masses and draw a memorable image. In this way, you create a very professional image in the eyes of your target audience. Your prestige and reputation increase in the same proportion.

Why is Corporate Identity Important?

  • It reflects your brand to your target audience in the best way.
  • It ensures that your brand has a certain image among the same audience.
  • You will be one step ahead of your competitors.
  • It triggers your employees' sense of belonging to your business.
  • After you patent your brand's corporate identity, you will create your own image and your recognition will increase.

What Elements Does Corporate Identity Design Consist of?

  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • diplomat envelope
  • Invoice and delivery note
  • Pad
  • A4 brochure
  • Cube pad
  • Collection and payment receipt
  • A4 leaflet file
  • CD and CD box etc.

Why Do You Need Corporate Identity?

In fact, brands have to create their own corporate identities somewhere. Because corporate identity is very important for existing rival companies and memorability. For this reason, more importance has started to be given to corporate identity recently. The process of creating corporate identity can make a difference between brands. For example, while one company may struggle to create a corporate identity for years, another may complete this formation in a very short time.

What is Corporate Identity and Why is it Important?

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